Product hubs

2022 Results

Our global presence allows us to invest significantly in technology and data, providing us and our partners with deeper insights into underwriting trends.

In Europe, we've established specialised product hubs to leverage our extensive experience across various markets. This ensures we continuously adapt to market dynamics and meet the evolving needs of our customer, thanks to our extensive product range. Beyond these product hubs, we offer specific products tailored to each market. This approach enables us to create dedicated and customised offerings for every local market. 

You can learn more by visiting the websites of the country you are interested in.

DUAL - Cyber insurance


In today's interconnected world, the Internet has become both a cornerstone of productivity and a breeding ground for threats. Whether a small startup or a multinational corporation, all organisations may face Internet threats that can compromise revenue, operations and reputation. Here at DUAL, we have a team of experienced underwriters who understand the challenges faced by your company, with a broad offering of cyber solutions tailored to businesses of different sizes and across industries.


DUAL Title offers specialized solutions to safeguard against legal defects related to property ownership. Our dedicated team of insurance and legal experts helps to ensure precise, practical, and long-lasting protection for property title needs. With comprehensive coverage and industry-leading experience, DUAL Title aims to set the standard for reliability and security.

Title insurance
Latin America business meeting


Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions with multiple moving parts. Our experienced and international team can help you assess risk and optimize your coverage with agile, dynamic covers. Our transactional risk insurance solutions team offer W&I, Tax and Specific Risk policies, also leveraging the support and consultancy of industry partners to ensure the highest level of expertise and service for our clients.

Fine Art & Specie

Here at DUAL, our Fine Art & Specie solutions provide your clients with peace of mind and protection against the many risks that precious artworks may encounter throughout their lifespan. Our team’s specialist knowledge can help you to protect irreplaceable and valuable works of art with a comprehensive, transparent insurance policy. So, whether it’s an art collection, musical instrument, antiques, or other collectables, we have you covered.

Countryside interiors

Engineering & Construction 

Engineering and Construction insurance plays a pivotal role in mitigating the inherent risks associated with complex projects in the industry. From large-scale infrastructure developments to residential and commercial buildings, our specialist underwriters help you better understand the risks and associated solutions, leveraging their international perspective and local expertise to offer robust support and confidence for our clients.


Our mixed Surety offering includes bonds for the construction industry with focus on creating a well-balanced portfolio covering risks out of the midmarket as well as corporates. DUAL’s aim is to offer a responsive and expert service, which comes from an experienced team, for a complete, performing and customized proposition.



We understand your challenges, that’s why we’ve brought together an experienced underwriting team who can help you navigate this specialist area with a comprehensive portfolio of highly customisable products. Our Marine team brings more than 30 years of experience in marine insurance across the world. Our understanding and technical capability enables us to underwrite challenging projects in ocean and Inland Hull, Builders Risks, Cargo and Land based Equipment.


Healthcare liability insurance protects medical organisations and professionals against claims of negligence, covering legal costs and damages. Our global network of local experts helps ensure that we can provide extensive coverage to individuals and healthcare facilities internationally: sensitive to the complex and ever-changing needs of healthcare professionals, we put our expertise towards aiming to achieve the best outcome for you and your client.

DUAL's Global Healthcare product
Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Our experienced underwriters work closely with healthcare institutions and the life science industry to provide tailored solutions to meet the complex needs of this dynamic sector.
Our claims handlers are experienced and provide consultative services in case of a liability claim to ensure continuity.

Accident & Health

DUAL has established itself as a partner of choice in the accident and health insurance sector. Our team of expert and professional underwriters leverages data and international market knowledge to deliver products with the objective to closely meet the needs of local communities. With a service built on trust and excellence, DUAL Accident & Health provides tailored insurance solutions for a safer, healthier future.